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I have previously written about the importance of good foundation habits.

In particular the importance of good sleep hygiene.

Many smart watches measure the different types of sleep we get during our sleep cycle.

We need sleep as without it, it affects our performance or can even lead to problems with our emotional. Mental and physical health and have effects such as depression poor food etc.

A key part of it is dreaming.

All of us dream, although many people do not remember dreaming. About every 90 minutes or so we enter rapid eye movement sleep, which is commonly called REM sleep. At one time, it was thought that we only dreamed in REM sleep, but we now know that dreaming can occur in all stages of sleep. During REM sleep, we all experience atonia, which is believed to occur to keep us from acting out our dreams.

There are sleep disorders that can occur during REM sleep, including sleep paralysis and REM sleep behavior disorder.