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Last week I went to see an film called Sultan and it made me reflect on “Success”

What is success ?

Do you want it enough ? Are you prepared to “do what it takes” ?

Have you got what it takes ?

It there a formula for success or is it just about avoiding mistakes…

Success (at least in terms of fame and money) isn’t just about “the secret sauce”.  Yes the customer has to want your product…

Obviously timing is important, and sometimes one’s journey is about making “the early mistakes”, Sometimes adversity is part of the journey, it may be that you have to “lose the ego” as Steve Jobs had to reinvent himself after leaving Apple.

Sometimes one’s belief in one’s vision is so compelling to one’s self that one will do anything – For those of you who remember Delorean.  He had a burning desire to see his vision come true and was prepared to do almost anything.  Here was a man who had convinced the British Gov to invest millions to build a factory.  The paradigm is that it is the failure of the company (and the success of the film Back to the Future) that has made the car such a collector’s car.

Clarity of values will help you make the right decisions during those moments – when you think success is just around the corner it you make that decision…

If one is too arrogant, then the ego gets in the way of us seeing reality.

Success is also requires  resilience, perseverance, drive and determination Talent is not sufficient and timing and situation – being at the right place at the right time is critical.

History teaches us that it is also the man and the moment. (this is a story about leadership too but that’s another story).

Col Sanders of KFC is a case and point.

Now what you have to admire about Col Sanders is his perseverance, his genius in inventing “the secret sauce” and his showmanship.

What people forget is the important part Leon W “Pete” Harman played.  He was the first franchise (eventually having over 200), he also put in the systems and processes and ides such as the “family bucket” and the finger licking good tagline…

Now the “story” told about Sanders makes a great motivational video but one needs to see past the romantic narrative.

Success is rarely a self made story, you need help and “luck” along the way