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Roots to grow and wings to fly, the biggest impact we make is how we help people.

As parents, we give them self belief by believing in them

Whether you are a parent or a leader the most important thing to recognise that the most valuable thing you can do is to enable people by being their Launchpad.

I use launchpad because itโ€™s where the spaceship is finally assembled, refuel, set up, protect and has to withstand the launch.

It is perhaps the most magnificent moment when it takes off.

It has alway been a joy for me when I see my previous employees thrive and succeed.

As a human being, the most rewarding thing we can do is help people become their best self, thrive and succeed.

What are your thoughts, has anyone helped you launch your career or business.

We are where we are because someone helped us on our journey.

Are you a launchpad for anyone ?๐Ÿ˜€