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In my last post I started the discussion of what is leadership.

There is a chemistry between the team and the leader and a willingness to step up to the mark.

If you are breaking new boundaries, be it a start up or a new venture, a traditional manager will not cut it.  Processes and Procedures are not enough. Yes, one needs processes and checklists and experience but one also needs drive and hunger.

In 2000, I interviewed Rob Glaser from real Networks and asked him how he hired people and he gave me some food for thought.

When hiring a Project Manager/Leader to lead a new project or challenge he looked for a “can do” attitude. Someone who doesn’t have all the answers because by default the project is new and novel and charting unknown territory, but that person has the ability to learn what is required and get it done. He does what it takes.

For Business as Usual ie if the project or task is a known thing, and has been done regularly, like drafting a contract for the sale of a house, in this case experience comes up trumps. You are looking for someone who has done it hundreds of times and is familiar with every step of the process and is an expert in the matter. (Repeatable and Consistency trumps)

In start up projects and change projects particularly, one should look for and try to build self-directed teams who will own the problem and take action.


It’s the people with drive, energy, passion, courage, who have something to prove, and will leave no stone unturned that make the difference.

You will see the fire in the belly and fire in the eyes.

Self-Organised vs. Self-Managed vs. Self-Directed…What’s the Difference?