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We are in full flow with the US Elections, and it brings to mind the importance of leadership and motivation.

A leader is a dealer in hope.

Courage is like love; it must have hope for nourishment.
Napoleon Bonaparte

Sometimes the biggest challenge for leaders in any organisation or politician is to give hope and a positive message.  It is easy to blame others and look backwards rather than be positive and look forward.  Yes you need to mourn the lost opportunity etc… but then one must encourage and get up… “fall down 7, get up 8…

One of the successes of Obama in getting elected was the very positive and personal message he gave to the Americans, and today we are seeing that leaders everywhere need to help their people find hope and faith in themselves be it as part of an economy or as leaders of organisations.

It is a pity that the current candidates spend most of the time giving negative messages.

What is hard is to create is a can do/will do culture and spirit of optimism.  The most important spirit of an entrepreneur (or even a lover talking about a relationship) is to have faith and hope in a better future.

A leader also gives people a sense of their part in this change

Ability is nothing without opportunity.
Napoleon Bonaparte

I love this song and the video is beautifully put together and we think the artists in creating this song and video have done a really beautiful and uplifting message and are to be applauded  (love it enough to buy it and make it your motivation anthem…. so that when you have a challenging moment or need to find that little bit extra in you…)

Sometimes it may seem a bit theatrical but I still remember from 25 years ago going to a conference when the National Accounts Sales Director kicked off an event with the A team theme music and came bursting in, the business was seeing sales falling by 10% and you got the sense that we were going to rescue the company. I remember how buzzed we felt and even now while I can’t remember much about what was said during the 2 day conference, I can remember the uplifting mood in the room in those 3 minutes when he kicked it off.

In fact every time I hear it, I get the same buzz as I did at the conference.


We have always used a “theme song” to bring our teams together and created a shared feeling and moment of positive elation.

Sometimes communications in not just about the idea but the feeling and sense of energy and can do…  inspiration does not come from powerpoint.   Creating the aha moment in an audience is one of the hardest things to do.