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Do you want to excel in your career as well as your personal life and grow?

Do you want your business and team to be high performers?

Do you want a life less ordinary?

Wanting success (whatever your definition of success is) is not enough.

Everyone wants to get ahead, but desire is not enough.

Only a fraction of people get past ordinary.

Everyone has the same amount of time and challenges on their time and resources,

but only a fraction of a percent of people make it.

Are you ready to be coached?

Are you willing to learn, change and adapt? Do you have a Growth Mindset?

One of the key characteristics that VCs, Investors, and Leaders look for are people who are coachable.

Are you a life long learner? Are you adaptable, resilient, organised? Are you driven, do you have a purpose?

If you are just looking to pass the time until you retire, then maybe this journey is not for you.

Do you want to take the next step in your career?

What should you expect from a coach or a mentor?

You are probably familiar with a Personal Trainer or a Sports Coach.

What do you look for from a good Personal Trainer or Coach?

You probably have some fitness goals such as fitness level, weight, strength, stamina/endurance, flexibility or skill level.

To achieve these goals, you expect the following from your trainer:

  • Knowledge – About the body, exercise techniques and nutrition.
  • Experience – A track record of having helped previous clients.
  • Acuity – Observe and correct you on your techniques.
  • Process – Develop a plan with you to fit your style and fitness level.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Build a rapport and relationship with you to guide, motivate and pace you.

In a similar way you can have a business coach to help you and your business, or an executive coach to help you in your job/career.

A Business Coach can help you and your team with your business, and an Executive Coach can help you with your job/career.

What can you expect from a Business Coach?

If you are an entrepreneur or running your business, you are probably looking to:
  • Turn around or improve the effectiveness of your business.
  • Improve the revenue or profitability of your business.
  • Help you grow your business.
  • Prepare to put your business up for sale.
  • Make your team more self-directed/managed so you have more time either for leisure or to spend more time working, rather than in your business.

A business coach can help you with:

  • Goal Setting – Set your Goals, Vision, and Action Plans.
  • Self-Management – Help you manage your time, energy, personal brand, team and money resources.
  • Business Profitability – Improve your business, improve your bottom line in terms of cashflow, profitability and balance sheet.
  • Marketing/Growth Hacking – Help you identify and develop your brand, product strategy, communication strategy and customer reach/awareness using traditional as well as digital/social marketing techniques.
  • Sales – Help you and your team identify prospects, build relationships and close sales.
  • Systems – Put in systems and processes and give you management tools to organise and systemise your business; making it more efficient, scalable and repeatable, as well as improving the quality.
  • Team Building and Leadership – Growing your business beyond its current limitations.

What should you expect from an Executive Coach ?

You are probably on the fast track in your career and want a coach or a mentor to help you succeed in your career and your personal goals.

You might want help and advice to develop in the following areas

  • Clarify your goals, find your inner purpose and vision.
  • Develop a success strategy for your career.
  • Identify projects and activities which will raise your profile and experience.
  • Help you develop your image, profile and visibility both inside and outside of your organisation.
  • Build your network, mentors, alliances and people who will help you succeed and build a mutually supportive network.
  • Self-Management Skills (time management, energy, focus, technical skills, tools and techniques).
  • Team building and leadership skills.



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