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We often sabotage ourselves.  We don’t do this consciously… after all that would not be rational.

Too often we chase the wrong things.. and we don’t always know what we want, at least not initially.

The business we start is not the business that we end up with, or the career we choose is not always the career we actually end up in.

I really love this Ted talk and the message is very simple yet very profound in the way we choose to live and follow our dreams. (a little bit of luck – willingness to explore and try things, passion, will, desire and motivation and a leap of faith all go a long way).



If one takes the time to look back, how often are we single minded enough to know what we really want.

The really problem as Dan Gilbert and other neuro scientists tell us is that we don’t really know what we want until we try it.

Sometimes our gut know better what is right for us than we (our conscious rational self)  do.


The real key to success and by success I mean personal happiness is to follow your passion and to trust your gut instinct.  Passion shows and people follow people with passion, conviction and integrity.

Sometimes the good choice according to those rational people who love and advise you just may not sit right with you.

As the prayer goes “lord forgive them for they know not what they do”.

So if you are advising your friends, or family, be patient, life may not be as simple as the choices and goals as you think.