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There is a constant tension and tradeoff between companies and their employees.

Employers no matter how people friendly they are; will strive to gain the most output and make the most demands of your limiting resources (time and energy).

When I worked at BT during the first dotcom phase, I took my fellow board members to Silicon Valley and I remember how we were taken around the offices and workplaces of these leading silicon valley giants – with their fancy coffee machines, game rooms, massage at the desk and rest areas, free food and drinks, creches and laundry collection and delivery facilities however these facilities were aimed at making the employees more productive and at keeping them at the office for as long as possible.

Companies will often provide their employees with productivity tools and life style choices such as mobile phones, laptops, work from home options (We started many of these things at BT in the 1990s) but they can mean that there is no demarcation between work and personal life and so it is important you make the right habits and routines to protect your quality of life.

Now I am not saying these things aren’t good, however I think that the TED talk by Nigel Marsh is one of the best discussions on work life balance and I would warmly recommend this as one of the best life hacks.

His talk has been a mirror of my life, and his suggestion of you making your own definition of what is the right work life balance for you.  I particularly enjoyed his attempt at defining the “perfect day” as per the motivated mind…

As an entrepreneur, me and my business partner are very much about defining the right balance for ourselves.

Design your own work life balance is one of the best life hacks and I would suggest you do this as part of defining your goals.

The small things are what really matter, in improving the quality of your life, relationships and defining the meaning of success and a life well lived.