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Earlier this week I had a delightful conversation with Prof William O’ Connor from University Of Limerick. during our conversation he mentioned a book called the Master and the Emissary by Gilchrist.  I really want to thank him for his input.

Neuroscience, the brain, and behaviour science are subjects I am passionate about and love to learn and share about so I hope that it will excite you too and that you will find that this improves your life as you learn to use one of the most important and least understood part of us, our brain.

now I have watched Iian Gilchrist’s talks at the RSA but I would love to share these talks with you.

(I would recommend you hear the talk but if you are short of time/attention then the skinny version of the animation may suffice – watch both for maximum impact.)

I don’t want to take away from his talk  by summarising it as I think it is worth you watching both videos on attention

how we use it and how it shapes what we see and the impact the different parts of the brain, – that which keeps a watch on the environment ready to interrupt us if something happens and how we focus on attention and how it shapes how it shapes what we see and what we see depends on where our attention is ….

We are where out attention is at any given moment…  (any perspective on mindfulness….

Watch both if you can

Also bear in mind that when you revisit a topic or a memory you reopen the encoding circuits and law down a different memory. or as my old lecturer in college Dr Berman used to say, you have to be pregnant with a thought….


Hopefully this will allow you to make better use of you attention and be more aware of how to manage and use it better as it is the most limiting resource we have.

If we remember that the brain is both a very fine tuned organ but is also our limiting resource (our brain uses only 20 watts of energy and has a bandwith of only 120 bits/second).
Similarly while the map is not the territory, the brain is very good a creating simple mental models in order for us to operate in the everyday world.

 Why process is important