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Christmas is coming and chances are many of us with be sitting in front of the television with the family to watch  tv some point in the period; maybe we will binge watch a tv series or may we will watch Netflix.

Christmas has changed,  The way we shop, (Internet Shopping), consume entertainment (Netflix), Talk with friends (Skype & Mobile). In less than 20 years the internet has changed everything.

The only constant is change,

Industries but definition are conservative and playing it safe; maintain the status quo (is what managers do best, – I am not criticising them, it is very much about the time being right and the right people with the credibility to make it happen)  but it is the risk takers who change our world. As consumers we rarely notice the change in our behaviours and lifestyle until we sit back and take stock.

It is only the newcomer who is interested in changing the status quo and when they do they change our behaviour radically,  you only have to see in the last 10 years when people have taken the risk and brought a new service to market – google changed the way we use search (for everything), facebook, apple with the iPhone, Skype, (talk with family who are far away)  and Netflix with the way we consume entertainment/content.

I think one of the best examples of this is House of Cards/Netflix.  It has changed the way programmes are produced, consumed, revenue models etc.

Kevin Spacey gave a lovely talk on this subject on the James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture and the real story behind it.  Its almost as good as the series….

Chances are you may also go and see Star Wars 7 and so bear in mind Kevins talk about risk taking and talent etc iin his talk