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I’m Possible

Spock says “May you live in interesting times” which really sums up what the Star Trek films are all about.

The thing about the Star Trek films and the ship Enterprise, is that it is really about discovering yourself and inventing yourself through challenge and discovery.

Looking at adversity as an opportunity to grow and become stronger is the most important frame of mind when you have a challenge.

Sometimes the only way through a fire (problem) is through it.

Every trainer knows the harder the challenge, the stronger you get.  If you want stronger lungs, train in the mountains; strong muscles, climb the highest mountain.

Watching Regina Hartley’s video on TED reminded me of the time I spent a week in Seattle with Rob Glaser (Real Networks) and his team interviewing them on Entrepreneurship.

In 2000, I was keen to find out what it takes to be an internet entrepreneur and I set out to interview and learn from the best dotcom entrepreneurs.

Rob and his team had developed RealNetworks which had developed the first video player and a platform for streaming video in the early days of the internet.

I was interviewing Rob about how he hired people and he said it depended on two situations.

  1. If the task was repetitive and had been done before, eg framing a legal contract he would choose someone who had done it lots of times before (ie experience trumps).
  2. If it was something that had not been done before, he would choose someone who had a “can do” attitude and would learn/find out what needs to be done and had the resilience to see it through.  It’s a “whatever it takes attitude” .

Conventional wisdom is all about hiring the person with the best, “perfect” cv and a safe pair of hands.

In today’s changing world, we face bigger challenges and disruption and so it needs a different perspective.

To me, I find looking for people with reliance, drive, persistence, “can do attitude” as unbelievable important .

I would warmly recommend Regina’s video, it’s entertaining and will open your mind.

To me, the Story of the Wright Brothers and Samuel Pierpont Langley (who was hired by US to “invent” the plane) is a case and point.