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As 2016 approaches, you may be thinking about your New Year Resolution and about changing some of your goals for 2016.
Many of these are all about changing habits, losing weight/getting fit, reading more, whatever change you may wish.
Habits and Routines are wonderful things (when they are good habits) such as brushing or flossing your teeth as it reduces effort/cognitive load and it makes life easy. The less you have to think about it and the more you are on auto pilot the easier it becomes.

Changing bad habits are equally difficult.

There are so many techniques (make your change public, share your goals, measure progress etc.)

I have always tried to find elegant ways to bring about change (having spent so much of my time be it in project management or sales/marketing “doing change”) and the ability to learn or change new habits is one of the best skills one can learn.

However, changing habits when they are difficult demands a lot of mental effort (cognitive load, willpower, ego depletion).


The good news is that there is an easy way to change your habits.

In this blog I want to share with you and introduce you to two useful ways/hacks, “how to” which I hope you will find useful.

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to do BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits course (fantastic event) in the wine country in North California (and was attended by fellow delegates from Google and other leading tech firms) (and yes BJ is a very nice guy) and I have found it to be a great technique, be it in developing (marketing) systems that help develop habits (the toothbrush test) with your customers or in managing personal change.

I will share a few other techniques which I hope you will find useful in your journey of personal change, and hopefully will help you develop your own personal toolkit for “reprogramming yourself” and  making change happen.

One book I would also recommend would be Charles DuHigg’s book The Power of Habits