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Goal setting is not a trivial matter. 

We have to understanding ourselves, 

We have to make decisions about our priorities,

we have to understand the way our minds work.

Can we design a better life for ourselves ?

Last month I gave a talk on the brain, organising yourself, goal setting, motivation, decision making, cognitive load, decision fatigue and a whole lot more.  It was largely about giving a broad overview of my thinking.

My purpose was about was about helping people to create a framework of life skills for themselves. that works for each person.

(this framework takes a coherent approach to helping you achieve your life goals, purpose and personal happiness).

Just as in delivering a project, it about setting the goal, making a plan, aligning resources, we need to do the same for ourselves.  (this way we improve the odds and we will definitely enjoy the journey more….).

We are all unique and so just as we have different preferences in food, clothes, careers etc, one needs to be able to shape a system that works for us and our individual situation.

More often than not we usually stumble across happiness by finding what we don’t like or because something does not work.  Sometimes we have our moment of epiphany where we find our purpose, place and the right people/person in our life. We then get that feeling that this is the place and we have arrived.

While we all seek happiness and contentment, it is also in the struggle we sometimes find our flow. Without some challenge, the mind ceases to grow. Boredom can be equally destructive.  As Spock says may we live in challenging times.




Defining your Purpose, your goals, how to create an environment which sets you up to succeed, be motivated, make good decisions, develop the right habits, avoid information overload and make the best use of the ultimate limiting resource – our brains and minimising things that reduce our effectiveness such as stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and lack of exercise etc is essential to achieving our goals..



Firstly, thank to everyone who attended the event in April.

As Hyrum Smith says character is about keeping your word.  As promised I am sharing some of the ideas and material.  (for the sake of brevity I have trimmed the exercises and detailed slides .As promised, I have also set out some links to material about some of the authors I mentioned which you might find useful.

So a quick replay of some of the material covered at the event.

one of the most important things after you have put your plan in place is to get started.  (it puts the mind at rest).


To learn anything takes effort, the more active you are, eg taking notes in your own handwriting makes it more connected in your brain.


Once you make something automatic/habit you can’t conscious unlearn or undo. It becomes wired into your brain.

On the one had it’s easy when you know how, the problem is in knowing what to learn.

One you have learnt to read you can’t unread or unknow or even stop the mind from reading it.




On brain is designed to minimise the conscious load, 95% of what we do we are not conscious off.




We need purpose to understand to be motivated and to keep on track when we get motivated.

To solve any problem, we need to scope the problem correctly….



So what methods can you use to set your goals and find your purpose.

This is just a short selection, some or all of them will resonate with you and

Victor Frankel, Meaning of Life

Hyrum Smith 10 Laws of Natural Time

Stephen Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

NLP, Bandler and Grindler (and others based on NLP – Anthony Robbins)

Brian Tracy – Flightplan


Management by Objects- SMART Goals (Driucker/Doran)



I’ve put some intro videos to help you get a flavour of these authors and their ideas.




Annd many more….