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One of the challenges be it in life and especially work is about having fun.

This week we were discussing the importance of work being fun and enjoyable, and so I thought I would share my thoughts about work and about how some places can be fun places to work…

April 1 is always a day that brings together the idea of fun and pranks at work and a great way to engage with customers.


If you are not enjoying yourself and having fun and being energised; you wont attract customers, attract and retain employees or create value.

Now we may say that this only applies to service businesses like restaurants where atmosphere is so important.  We all know the experience of being served by unhappy and surly employees but this is equally true for all businesses even creative businesses and startups.  In fact having fun is the bit that releases the creativity and loses the inhibitions that prevent us from giving our best.

Productivity is best when people are happy and feeling they are making things happen, and sometimes the measure can be as simple as a customer’s simile.

One should want to leave the customer with a smile as part of the product or service and making it fun, be it when one opens the package or has an interaction with one of your employees. the benefits are obvious and don’t need a business case.

Happiness is infectious as much as unhappiness.


Now this does not mean that we should not have purpose but we are emotional beings and how we feel is as important as pounds, shillings and pence.

Now we may not always be clear about our great purpose in life (afterall it is a multi billion year programme) but we can always try to not take life too seriously especially when it is very serious.


So here is wishing everyone a belated 1st April and have a happy day to you (JH Love of my life)