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Yesterday, I had one of the best days of my life.  I spent the evening until 2am today speaking with my son.

He is in his final year in college and like a lot of students, keen to get into the job market and get a career.  He has been uncertain of what he wants.

The joy of seeing your son motivated and happy can’t be explained, other than to say I felt a very happy person.

It is so tempting to tell your children what is good for them, but the reality is that the choices they make for themselves are the best decision for them.  Everyone is on their own journey, all we can do as their friend, parent or coach/mentor is to help and support them in their own journey.

At his age, it is difficult to know what will excite us, I know I hated the idea of becoming an accountant, yet I ended up becoming a management accountant (and I did enjoy it at the time, but that’s another story).

The only advise I have for people is to try and do as many things as you can till you find what you like or don’t.

Life is an experiment, you are both the subject, the experimenter and the observer, only by trying things will you divcover yourself and what makes you, you and what makes you happy.  And that is also the fun part of life – Have a go.

as Dan Gilbert says, we are terrible predictors about our future selves.

The truth is that we don’t really know what we want, until we try it or see it.  We don’t really know ourselves.

Dan Gilbert has a wonderful video on this topic

(I would recommend everyone read his book stumbling across happiness)


For those looking for inspiration (and a useful toolkit,) have a look at Scott Dinsmore his blog live your legend is an excellent story/narrative of his journey