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Manoj Chawla

Manoj Chawla


We all need help and support to bring out the best in us. People who challenge us, believe in us, and give us permission to experiment and try new things will help us find ourselves.

To succeed as entrepreneurs, leaders, parents, and managers – we need to build good teams, a strong network and support systems.  

We need resilience and self belief for those dark moments when we face adversity and challenge.

The first step is to find a coach who you can use as your advisor and mentor, who will both challenge and support you, who will give you a breadth of experience and different perspective. 

When we are stuck in a groove, we need a different strategy to do things differently.

Experience comes from working in many different projects, companies and situations; we learn both how to do things and how not to do things, but most of all we learn about ourselves.

Growth comes from challenge. You can’t build muscle or strength without resistance.

I have been lucky enough to have worked across a variety of roles, in a diverse range of world class companies such as ICI, Diageo, Price Waterhouse Management Consultants, BT, Accenture, and worked for clients such as GE, British Gas, Marks & Spencer.

Having worked in industries such as internet start-ups, retailing, manufacturing, pharma,  FMCG, telecoms, utilities, IT, solar power, real estate on 4 continents and been fortunate to work with some very talented people in a diverse multi-cultural environment, has given me a unique perspective.

Working at the leading edge of technology, internet, voice, IT and developing new ways of managing innovation, complex projects, and managing change has been a wonderful experience.

Work has been fun and I have been lucky and fortunate enough to meet and be coached by some of the leading thought leaders, exceptional managers and brilliant entrepreneurs.

Building partnerships with companies such as Microsoft and HP has taught me a lot from how they do things, and it has been both challenging and rewarding.

I have worked on projects such as privatisations, ERP implementation, major change programmes and in numerous start-ups. I have helped, coached and mentored numerous start-up teams, budding entrepreneurs, talented managers and leaders. As some people enjoy a challenge of climbing mountains, I love working on challenging projects with interesting people.

To me, mentoring is a natural progression and a way to pay it forward.

During my career, I have been lucky to be coached, mentored, guided and helped by too many people to mention. I am forever in their debt.

There are two wonderful people who I will always be grateful for, they deserve my special thanks and I will never forget that they taught and introduced me to so many new ideas.

First there was Brian Harrington. He was a wonderful mentor and friend until his early death.

In BT, I was lucky to meet Richard Young. It is people like him who are the unsung heroes of the corporate world. He had tremendous insight in people, in corporate culture, and a truly rare generous spirit. The confidence and belief he had in me gave me the strength to endure the challenges of being a change agent.

Brian and Richard have been both good friends and exceptional mentors. Their belief and non judgmental approach was incredible. They provided me with support and guidance and served as a role model. They pushed me to try harder and be better.

I started coaching and mentoring informally while at work, and this moved me to coaching GM & VP as part of my role as GM for Business Transformation and Innovation. My brief was to “change the man or change the man”. 

Change begins at the top and helping people be the best they can be, and making the work a better place is at the heart of being a good coach/mentor.

I am passionate about coaching people and helping them fulfill their potential.

I truly enjoying seeing people develop, prosper and succeed.