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Do you remember Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer ?

Are you a Tom Sawyer ?

Can you convince your friends to paint a fence is fun (not work) and even convince them to pay for the privilege.

Are you a Pied Piper, able to attract the masses ?

Can you design your online platform to make your users join, buy, play or pay better than your competitors.

Find out how we created an online platform to get 200K members in 6 months.

Discover the Persuasion Secrets and Patterns used by Amazon, RyanAir, LinkedIn etc.

Find out how you can increase the stickiness of your business or change the habits of your customers and audience and gain Traction for your business or cause.

Please note that this is a joint event with Design Thinkers and places are limited. 184 places have already been booked so I would advise you to book early to avoid missing the opportunity.

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